Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Leaving soon!

Ahhh! So I am actually leaving in... three days and 7 hours, give or take, and I am starting feel the joy and the sorrow, the excitement and the anxiety and the anticipation of my adventure build inside me as I say my goodbyes. I pack and unpack and repack my gargantuan suitcases and realize that I have no idea what I will bring back from my experience.

This blog is for you, my loved ones, to stalk my adventures and keep tabs on me while I am away. I will write as often as I can, post pictures as often as I can, and maybe even add some videos as well. So, let's go see what we can see, shall we?

P.S. In case you wanted to know my mailing address over there:

Haus Wartenberg
Riedenburgerstrasse 2
A-5020 Salzburg


Alyse J. said...

One of my sorority sisters is going to England for a couple months and she's all depressed about it! I can see where she is coming from, but I think I'd be excited, too! Good luck and post LOTS of pictures! I have a friend, Derek, who is in Austria and it's BEAUTIFUL!

Besha said...

i still cant belive ur like getting to go not fair..nd sorry for not like being at the restaurant that would be dads fualt! haha anyways i hope u have fun nd behave :P