Sunday, September 7, 2008

Alderson Broaddus and the Road Before Us...

"If time went any faster, I'd lose the bagel and coffee that my stomach can't seem to digest. As it is, my head is spinning. I can't believe I'm in the airport. I'm in the airport, ready to board my flight and leave my entire life behind for three whole months..."

The entry in my journal this morning was an emotional one as I sat and waited for my flight from Pittsburgh to O'Hare. It's not that I'm not excited for everything, I'm just so shocked that the moment actually came when I had to let go and say goodbye. If you know Matt and I at all, then you know that we'll be fine and that we love each other and this time apart will only bring us closer as best friends that support one another and encourage each other to follow our dreams. Today we were reminded to hold on loosely:

After taking a deep breath and saying a long prayer, I boarded my flight. It was just a hop, skip, and a jump and then we landed in the itty bitty Pittsburgh airport. I met up with Professor Hicks' wife and one of the other girls also going on the trip and we drove two and a half hours to Alderson Broaddus campus to meet with the other students. We had dinner and an interesting Q&A session with students that have gone before us. I am now sitting on my bed about ready to pass out.

This is my prayer for the coming days:

"Go before me, Lord, and unravel my road so that my feet and my heart may follow you."

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