Monday, November 3, 2008

October Travels/ November Nordic Adventures!

Hey, friends! To make up for lost time, here is a photo-update of where I've been the last few weeks:

Interlaken, Switzerland (the Adventure Capital of Europe!):
Prague, Czech Republic (My favorite city so far!):
"Imagine all of the people/Living life in peace..." - John Lennon. This is the wall that the victims of communism memorialized for him the day that he died.

I also spent a day at Mauthausen, a concentration camp located between Salzburg and Vienna in Austria. I am still editing those photos and will make a separate post about that experience later.

We are currently traveling through the Nordic countries on our 10-day trip. We spent Thursday and Friday in Amsterdam. Right now I am sitting in my hostel in Copenhagen, delayed by another mistake in our train schedule for our week long. We will be leaving this evening for Stockholm, nearly two full days later than planned. We will not be able to spend any time there since we are leaving for Oslo, Norway tomorrow. It's alright, though. We still have time in Oslo, Dublin, and London before we head home 6 days from now.

More to come soon, I promise!